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Prenatal screening: a new analitic software

Illumina, a company specializing in production testing for non-invasive prenatal screening, announced the arrival of an expanded version of VeriSeq. There is talk of a software intended to optimize the analysis of data obtained from the tests, so as to speed up and improve the results. The company announced that the software complies with the requirements governing medical-diagnostic devices in vitro. It also applied the CE mark to the version destined to the clinical laboratories of the European Union.

The software starts with the analysis of data obtained from the sequencing of the DNA samples. Sequencing analyzes fragments of fetal DNA in maternal blood so as to detect any anomalies. It specifically deals with the identification and differentiation of possible cases of fetal aneuploidy for chromosomes 21, 18 and 13. In addition, VeriSeq generate quantitative scores to be added to the data concerned. This gives you a more accurate analysis of the condition of the fetus.

The new version of VeriSeq allows you to process batches of more than 48 samples, three times the current capacity of 16 samples. This will allow the company to meet the growing demand for testing for non-invasive prenatal screening. The software would make it possible to provide the highest quality solutions and at a lower cost. The greater efficiency in the analysis of the sequenced data, in fact, increase the speed of the controls and consequently also bring down the costs.