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Who is Aurora intended for?

AURORA is for all pregnant women:  for women over 35 years because exposed to a higher risk, but also for those under 35 years. In fact, statistics show that 60% * of children with Down syndrome are born from younger women.

For all expectant women

  • Singleton and twin pregnancies;
  • Natural conception or with techniques of medically-assisted fertilization (ART).

Especially recommended in case of:

  • Advanced maternal age (>35 years);
  • Positive results from screening test for the first/second quarter;
  • Contraindication to invasive prenatal diagnosis;
  • Ultrasound picture suggesting abnormalities;
  • Personal/family case history.

 The test should always be performed  following consultation with a trustworthy practitioner / gynaecologist.
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*Am Fam Physician. 2000 Aug 15;62(4):825-832


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