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How is the test performed?

The AURORA test is easy to perform, without any risk to the mother or child.

To perform the test, just few simple steps are required.

The AURORA test requires a specialist’s prescription to be performed. If you are interested in distributing our test, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call us at 02.36705871: one of our experienced biotechnologists will provide you with all necessary information and forms needed for the AURORA test.

Aurora in a few simple steps

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Filling Aurora form
The gynaecologist needs to provide his patient with a simple form containing the following three sections:

  • informative report on the test;
  • informed consent, to be signed by the patient;
  • test application, to be signed by the gynaecologist.

Ordering the test
AURORA can be ordered in two alternative ways:

  • the specialist orders the test and schedule with the patient a date for the blood sampling;
  • the patient contacts Sorgente Genetica by calling 02 36705871 and sets a date for the blood sampling.

Blood sampling and sample shipment
Once the payment has been made, Sorgente Genetica confirms the booking of the blood sampling and manages its shipment to the lab.
The blood sample can be performed at the following locations:

  •  office of the specialist, assisted by an Operator of Sorgente Genetica;
  •  associated collection point;
  •  patient’s domicile.

Communication of results
The results of the test are communicated within approximately 10 days:

  •  only to the specialist;
  • to the patient and the specialist, only in the event of a negative result (and at the discretion of the specialist).