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What is it used for?

The AURORA test is a non-invasive and risk-free prenatal test   performed on the mother’s blood. The test can be performed starting from the 10th week of pregnancy and is used to detect in the fetus:

  • the most frequent aneuploidies affecting autosomal chromosome (e.g. Down syndrome  and other  trisomies) and sexual chromosomes
  • the main  microdeletions  (loss of a chromosome region);
  • the baby’s sex (at the discretion of the parents).

Aurora includes

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Aurora: the safe, reliable, quick and early prenatal test


A simple peripheral maternal blood taking (10 ml)


Bioinformatics analysis with algorithm SAFer tm Verinata Health, reliability > 99.9 %


Results in 5-7 working days


Can be performed as early as the 10th week of pregnancy

*sensitivity >99.9% for the most common trisomies, Down Syndrome (trisomy 21) and Edwards Syndrome (trisomy 18). For other fetal trisomies,  click here.


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