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Avoid the risk of miscarriage * with AURORA the non-invasive prenatal test of the latest generation

  • 99,9% accuracy*
  • No risk of miscarriage
  • Results in 5-7 working days (the only one in Italy)
  • Executable by the 10th week
  • Blood sampling alsa at home (the only one in Italy)
  • Clear results
  • Counselling by medical geneticist

In case of positive results, for free:

  • Amniocentesis
  • Psychological support (the only one in Italy)

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Easy and quick, results in 7 days!

Reliable, easy and quick, results in 7 days! Great service and great customer service!


* Invasive test avoided in 98% of cases in the face of Aurora with results indicating "aneuploidies not detected" with an accuracy margin > 99.9% for the most frequent trisomy (Down syndrome or trisomy 21, and Edwards syndrome or trisomy 18 ).