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The first child at high risk was born at Bambino Gesù

On 8 April, the first child at high risk was born at the Child Jesus Hospital. The child suffered from congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a condition requiring specialized and immediate care. Today, the baby is well, thanks to the obstetricians of the San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome, to neonatologists and gynecologists.

At Baby Jesus is assisted with everything relating to pediatric medicine, prenatal diagnosis and gynecology. There is, however, a department for postpartum delivery and delivery. The Lazio Region has given the authorization to create a small department for high risk births. This prevents the transport of very delicate children. Immediate care is also available for immediate intervention, if necessary, even surgically.

In 2017, 30 high risk births are planned, of which 4 are in June. A special committee of obstetricians and surgeons selected the future mothers, depending on the severity of the child's condition. In this way, children will have immediate technical assistance at birth, crucial to their survival.

The children chosen suffer from congenital disorders, neck swelling, and cardiopathies that are potentially lethal at birth. The first born baby, Kevin, is today stable and well. In order to evaluate the condition of the second child it will be necessary to wait a little longer, but for now the prognosis is positive. The doctors still managed to act against the transposition of the large sealed jars. Pathology requires immediate intervention in 20-25% of cases, especially in order to avoid neurological consequences.