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A new prenatal test could predict the risk of abortion

A prenatal screening test can predict the risk of spontaneous abortion. In fact, it is calculated that 1 pregnancy 4 is concluded in this way. The rate becomes even higher as the woman's age rises. Glasgow researchers have discovered how to predict this possibility.

During pregnancy the body produces a hormone called corona gonadotropin (hCG). They release the cells that are formed in the placenta. These nourish the ovum after fertilization and after implantation in the uterus, allowing it to develop. In a healthy pregnancy, hCG levels are rising almost immediately in the first trimester.
The researchers examined guinea-pig gonadotropin levels (hCG) in 2,000 women. The participants in the study had just completed the pregnancy test, with a positive result. After the first test, they did a second check eight weeks later. From the data collected, it emerged that those with higher hormone levels had 86% chance of completing pregnancy. For those with very low levels, the possibilities were only 2%.

The discovery allows you to find out in time if your pregnancy will be successful, with a simple test. A useful test especially for those who undergo assisted fertilization. Spontaneous abortions are indeed a very tough part of a child's search process. Knowing for a long time if the conception is followed will allow many couples to prepare psychologically. It would also allow physicians to support these people more effectively.