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Red wine helps female fertility?

Researchers at the University of Washington have found that a glass of red wine a week helps female fertility. It is likely that the merit of antioxidants that abound in red wine.

Resveratrol is a key molecule in grapes of red grapes, cocoa and blueberries. It protects cells from biological stress and helps them live more and better. It is present in many foods, but red wine is not particularly rich.

Scientists interviewed 135 women between the ages of 18 and 44 on alcohol consumption. Each of them had to score how many spirits consumed every month and what kind. The researchers also examined the health status of women's ovaries and the number of remaining oocytes.

Beyond factors such as age and health, women who regularly consumed red wine had more oocytes. The benefits would be particularly marked in women who consumed 1-5 glasses of wine per month. We talk about regular, but moderate, non-daily consumption.

The results must be taken with caution. A link is obvious, but it is not known whether the merit is all about red wine or whether there are other factors in play. It will be necessary to consider a wider sample of women, also considering other elements. It is also important to remember that even a minimal exposure to alcohol can be detrimental to an embryo in the early stages of development.