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The fight against rheumatic diseases continues

The research Anmar we care, the quality of care from the point of view of the patient and his rheumatologist reveals information on those suffering from rheumatic diseases. 364 questionnaires filled out by rheumatic patients and 182 by doctors, to take a picture of the conditions of those living with these diseases.

74% of those affected defined their quality of life poor, while 46% had problems with taking treatment. In addition, more than 80% of respondents reported anxiety and depression problems caused by chronic pain. Yet there is hope: the better the relationship with the medical staff, the higher the quality of life of the patient.

According to the study, patients who have a good relationship with the doctor follow the therapies better. And those who follow the therapies better have more chances of living an almost normal life. In case of early diagnosis, in fact, many patients can hope for so-called clinical remission. This provides for the attenuation of symptoms, if not their complete disappearance. If protracted over time, it is even comparable to a cure. However, such an objective is possible only with: early diagnosis; adequate therapies; harmony between rheumatologist and patient in the care strategy.

The fight against rheumatic diseases also goes through prevention. Numerous studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle helps combat the onset of rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic autoimmune diseases. In particular, it is important that people predisposed genetically prefer a diet low in protein and fat. Instead, vitamins, fibers and moderate physical activity are promoted.