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Can a transgender woman become fertile again?

A study by Dr. Hanna Valli-Pulaski examines the case of two young transgender women who have returned fertile. The two stopped hormone therapy in the hope of resuming sperm production. One attempt gave positive results, the other did not.

A transgender woman must follow a specific hormonal therapy that helps her to appear more feminine. However, the therapy stops the production of the spermatozoa, making the person actually sterile. On the other hand, stopping the use of drugs is a big trauma for a transgender person and doesn't always give results. The team examined the medical records of two transgender women who discontinued hormone therapy to have usable sperm samples.

He compared them with data from another transgender woman who had kept the sperm before the transition. The first patient was taking a drug called Lupron. Taken during adolescence for at least 6 months, the drug blocks puberty. The patient stopped taking it and after 5 months she started producing sperm. The samples were of good quality and usable for IVF. Unfortunately for the second patient it was more difficult.

Stopping the use of drugs causes a series of physical changes: the beard grows, the voice deepens. Going back to a more feminine aspect takes time and can be a big stress for a person. This is what happened to the second patient: the woman had been on estradiol and spironolactone for more than two years. After 4 months of interruption and still no results, the patient gave up and resumed her transition.