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Improve the quality of sperm eating: how?

In the last 50 years there has been a sharp decline in male fertility, with negative consequences also at a social level. According to some studies, nutrition could play an important role in this regard. In fact, the way we eat could affect sperm quality in one way or another. It is then possible to increase male fertility with food. Yes, even if only up to a certain point.

About 40% of cases of couple infertility are attributable to the male, yet the subject is still poorly treated. To overcome this problem, a test was born that measures sperm motility and helps improve the lifestyle with an app. By changing food and increasing the amount of exercise, it would also be possible to improve sperm quality and increase the chances of a pregnancy. According to the creators of the app, it would be in particular 20 fertility friendly foods.

The authors in question also recommend regular exercise and reduce the use of plastic. According to some studies, in fact, the substances it contains could alter hormone levels and reduce fertility. Improving lifestyle would allow many men to conceive naturally, without having to resort to IVF. In other cases, it could increase the chances of success in assisted reproduction techniques. Nevertheless, little is talked about: unfortunately male infertility is still surrounded by a large social stigma.