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BRCA genes double the risk of prostate cancer

Men positive for BRCA gene variants are twice as likely to get prostate cancer. This was revealed by a study by the Institute of Cancer Research, London. The researchers examined the DNA of nearly 1,400 volunteers, of which 902 were carriers of the variants. BRCA2 gene abnormalities are associated with a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Port women of the variant have between 50% and 85% suffering from breast cancer by age 70. However, this study focuses on the consequences of the gene in men, much less taken into consideration. Not always the normal tests for prostate cancer are enough: several studies prove it.

The analysis of PSA antigen alone, specifically linked to this pathology, is not applicable to the general population. On the other hand, the tests in question showed that BRCA2 carriers were more prone to severe cancers. The researchers then decided to investigate the issue.

The study includes genetic data of 902 carriers and 497 non-BRCA2 carriers. The researchers analyzed how many of the analyzed subjects were affected or would suffer from prostate cancer. About 40% of the non-gene carriers suffered from clinically relevant diseases, compared to 77% in the other group. Furthermore, the latter were twice as likely to develop cancer.