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Does bisphenol A reduce IQ?

Bisphenol A is a substance known for its negative effects on the endocrine system. Scientists suspect it may reduce sperm count in men, making it more difficult to have children.

A study by the Icahn School of Medicine and Karlstad University casts a new shadow on the substance. Scientists measured the levels of 26 chemicals in the urine of 718 future mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy. Among the substances there was also bisphenol A, contained in the plastic used for plastic packaging.

However, researchers have also found pesticides and phthalates, all of which are harmful to health. Some of these damage the activity of hormones, just like bisphenol. After giving birth, the researchers followed the children up to the age of 7. Children with lower IQ were those whose mothers had higher levels of chemicals in their urine. In the case of males, the results could even drop by 2 points from the average. Exposure to certain substances could therefore damage fetal development.

What's worse is that even minimal exposure could be enough. In addition to bisphenol A, the most harmful substances could be some types of pesticides and detergent components. These latter substances are almost immediately expelled from the body, yet a minimum time would be enough to damage the embryonic development. As a result, women in early pregnancy should avoid contact with the offending chemicals as much as possible.