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A low-fat diet improves male fertility

A low fat, high egg whites diet could be the key to improving male fertility. Dr. Karma Pearce and Professor Kelton Tremellen have identified a link between diet and testosterone levels. According to the study, nutrition also affects the production of this hormone, improving or worsening fertility.

Researchers have proven that eating too much fat, including healthier ones, reduces testosterone levels. On the other hand, egg whites and milk proteins have the opposite effect.
This could therefore help the many men who cannot conceive. According to the World Health Organization, about 20-30% of couples' infertility cases are related only to male factors.

The researchers tested the effects of different nutrients on testosterone production. Immediately after taking large quantities of fat, testosterone levels drop for a minimum of 5 hours. The phenomenon also occurred with healthy fats such as olive oil. The discriminant is not the type of fat, in fact, but the quantity of the same. Another food that influences testosterone production is egg white. Consumed alone, it stimulates testosterone production. Together with fats, on the other hand, it reduces their negative effects and keeps hormone levels stable.

The researchers also tested its effects in combination with other foods, such as fruit juices and flours. Scholars focused on how the diet affects the hormone, but did not examine the quality of the sperm. Nonetheless, testosterone levels are linked to sperm production. As a result, researchers are convinced that certain types of nutrition could really affect sperm health and the chances of conceiving.