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Zinc and folic acid do not assist male fertility

Zinc and folic acid supplements are among the most used to improve male fertility. Nonetheless, a study by the University of Utah proves their complete uselessness, at least on this front. According to the researchers, the data show no increase in the rate of conception, birth, sperm count, motility of the same. This means that they do not improve male fertility in any way. On the market there are supplements aimed at improving male fertility. Inside there are zinc and folate, both essential substances in the development of sperm.

According to the manufacturers, taking these supplements would be a natural way to stimulate the production of stronger sperm. Still, no studies have ever provided evidence of these alleged benefits. For this specific study, the researchers involved 2,370 couples with problems conceiving. Half of the men took zinc and folic acid supplements every day; the other half simply took a placebo.

The women completed questionnaires to monitor possible conceptions. The researchers found no significant difference between the first and second groups. In the group that took the supplements, there were 404 successful pregnancies, about 34%. In that of placebo, there were 416, about 35%. The semen samples taken from the two groups also showed a similar number of spermatozoa, having roughly the same shape and motility. Curiosity, the spermatozoa taken from the first group had higher percentages of DNA abnormalities.