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The love and sex hormone revelead

Researchers at Imperial College London have discovered the hormone that triggers sexual desire. They called kisspeptin and could help many men suffering from psychological sexual problems. The loss of desire is in fact a common problem among people with fertility problems, who perhaps are undergoing the IVF treatments. Kisspeptin may offer an alternative to more invasive drugs, restoring serenity to many couples and also facilitating conception.

The study involved 29 young heterosexual men in health. Half of these have received an injection of kisspeptin and half a placebo. After injection, the researchers showed them the various images, including some relating to the intimate and sexual. Meanwhile they observed the reactions at the physical level using brain scan. In men who received kisspeptin, the brain areas related to the romantic and sexual life were much more active than average.

The hormone may play a role in brain processes that involve reproduction. If confirmed, then, the discovery would have implications both on the study of human reproductive processes, both on the treatment of disorders of sexual and reproductive sphere. In fact, although most studies on human fertility are limited to biological aspects, researchers at Imperial College suggest that the emotional process could benefit an important role. emotional process but still only partially understand.