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Scientists develop a new treatment to stop progression of cystic fibrosis

A search of international scope revealed a possible new therapy for cystic fibrosis. It appeared that thymosin alpha 1, an immunomodulating been used in other areas, fights inflammation associated with the disease. The discovery of the scholars of the University of Perugia, University San Raffaele of Rome and George Washington University.

Doctors use the thymosin alpha 1 since 1979 as immunomodulatory. According to new research, the molecule is able to correct the genetic defect of cystic fibrosis and tissue. It also reduces the inflammation that characterizes the disease, resulting in improvement in symptoms and quality of life. All this can lead to develop a new type of treatment, which lengthens the life expectancy of sufferers. In fact, to this day, despite the many discoveries, a sufferer of cystic fibrosis does not exceed forty years.

Thymosin alpha 1 is the synthetic version of a peptide of the thymus, an organ that produces certain cells of the immune system. The researchers have tested on mice with cystic fibrosis and tissue samples taken from patients. The drug has corrected some alterations present in the bronchi and in the small intestine of mice. It also reduced inflammation and stimulated the maturation of Cftr protein whose deficiency causes the disease.

According to tests, the thymosin alpha 1 stops the progression of the disease, making it a promising therapeutic agent. It is also already approved and marketed in 35 countries, as a drug against viral infections and immune deficiency states. Now they will have to undertake further studies on cystic fibrosis specifically, in order to confirm the findings.