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A new pole for congenital kidney diseas opens in Milan

The "Sergio Bonelli Center for Congenital Renal and Urinary Malformations" was inaugurated: prevention and care of kidney damage from the fetus to the baby ". The center has opened at the Policlinico di Milano and aims to study kidney damage caused by congenital malformations. In this way it is hoped to develop new strategies to fight certain pathologies already from the uterus.

Congenital renal damage is the first cause of dialysis and kidney transplantation in pediatric age. It develops in the early months of pregnancy, during the formation of the organs. Causes can be genetic abnormalities or urinary flow obstructions that result in damage to kidney development. Many of these obstacles are evident in normal prenatal screening. To reduce permanent damage, however, is necessary. Beyond health repercussions, this kind of harm has heavy psychological and social implications on children.

Among the projects of the center is the Studio PROFET, a multicentric European study aimed at identifying possible kidney damage from obstruction in the fetus. The aim is to develop new prenatal screening tests to carry out a diagnosis of fetal urine. This way you will know when to resort to new technology, designed to remove the obstruction. In addition to PROFET there is PREDICT, which aims to evaluate the efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis on infants with renal abnormalities. The study has already involved 153 children.