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Stem cells: the possibility of ovarian rejuvenation

Attempts to eliminate the effects of early menopause continue. Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have returned fertility to some cavities. They have transplanted stem cells of a fertile goat into another affected by the premature decline of the ovaries. After 2 months, the mice of the mice thus treated gave birth to the small, healthy and free of genetic malformations. The next step will be to check whether such treatment is applicable to the human being.

Early menopause involves loss of normal ovarian function. The organs stop releasing the eggs before the age of 40, causing loss of fertility. The condition is rare and at the time incurable. It can be treated with hormones in order to avoid the most serious health consequences. However, many scientists are studying how to use stem cells to regenerate tissues. This way, it would be possible to restore lost fertility.

In the study in question, the researchers isolated and characterized germinal stem cells. The stems came from a transgenic cell, with fluorescent cells exposed to a blue laser. This allowed the researchers to analyze stem cells transplanted into the sterile ovaries of the subject.

Transplanted stem cells implanted in the tissue and differentiated into egg cells. The new oocytes took a few weeks to mature and allowed conception within 2 months. The whole process of development took place in a manner similar to the natural one.

Additional studies will be required to verify the safety of the treatment and its applicability to humans. However, if the results were positive again, there would be a new approach to combating a female infertility.