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Acne medication offers new treatmnet for multiple sclerosis

Not only acne: a drug used for the skin could also have positive effects against multiple sclerosis. Phase 3 of a clinical trial of the Hotchkiss Brain Institute showed the benefits of minocycline against multiple sclerosis. The discovery offers the possibility for a new "low-cost" treatment against the disease.

One of the main elements of sclerosis is inflammation of the central nervous system, leading to the destruction of myelin. Minocycline is an active ingredient used to treat acne, with many anti-inflammatory properties. Neuroscientist V. Wee Yong then tested minocycline on animal models with the disease. The first tests, dating back to 18 years ago, have been successful.

After success on animal models, the researcher formed his own team and continued with the trials. Today he came to Phase 3, involving 142 patients aged 18 to 60 who had multiple sclerosis. At the beginning of the trial, subjects were passing through the early symptoms of the disease. Each of them received 100 mg of minocycline daily or a placebo. During the 6 months of treatment, there was a 27.6% reduction in disease development.

The results obtained with minocycline are comparable to those obtained with traditional treatments. The main difference lies in the cost. Minocycline is also accessible to lower income bands. This means that you can also take care of those who are economically disadvantaged.