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Chinese men are encouraged to donate sperm

More sperm donors are being sought in China. The reason? Pollution and stress have lowered China's reproductive potential by 80%. That is why Chinese couples are turning to masses at fertility clinics.

In 2015, the Chinese government abandoned the single child policy, thus increasing the workforce of the country. Many couples however had to deal with fertility problems that were neglected first. The increase in pollution and stress has in fact reduced the fertility of Chinese men. It is estimated that in the 1970s a Chinese man had averaged 100 million sperm per milliliter of sperm. Today, there are only 20 million.

Reducing male reproductive abilities has led to mass exodus to fertility clinics. In 2016, the Chinese market for in vitro fertilization was worth 670 million dollars. In 2022 it should reach 1.5 billion. The biggest beneficiaries will be foreign companies, as only 18% of Chinese men are able to donate their sperm. It is therefore inevitable to turn to Australian and Californian companies to meet growing demand.

It is difficult for foreign companies to obtain the permits needed to operate in China. This has resulted in an increase in medical tourism aimed at assisted procreation. Several travel agencies in China collaborate with Australian companies or located in Singapore so that they can fulfill their parenting dream.