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The truth about getting pregnant after adoption

There are several known cases of seemingly sterile women, who are, however, pregnant after adopting. It is difficult to carry out a rigorous study on this subject, yet almost all doctors of fertility can tell such stories. How is the phenomenon explained?

According to a British study of 2016, there are 29% chance of conceiving naturally within 6 years of the end of assisted fertilization procedures. The study tracks the footsteps of another 2012 study, conducted over 2,100 couples. Couples had undergone treatment for about 10 years before. Among those who did not conceive through the procedure, 24% had a child of course. Of those who had conceived, 17% had had another child without assistance.

There is no updated data on the link between adoption and conception, yet the phenomenon seems all but a myth. The explanation is very simple: many couples are not really infertile. In some cases, age and anxiety make it more difficult to conceive naturally. In others it is just impatience and because IVF is much more accessible, couples are more likely to recruit you. In fact, infertility is said after the first years of failed attempts to conceive. Nevertheless, the most anxious couples do not expect.

Significant factor is reduced fertility, something very different from infertility. In these cases couples put us more than average to conceive, but they can do it without any problems. Fertility treatments cycles accelerate timing and is enough. Once the first child is born or adopted, you can work the second with a lot more calm and stress.