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Flint: the American city with the poisoned water

The US city of Flint has very low fertility rates since 2014. According to Daniel Grossman and David Slusky, the cause lies in the river water that crosses the city. In 2014, in fact, the city began to get out of the river to save on public water. The decision has, however, translated into a birthright.

The city's dwellings have immediately been perplexed about the quality of the water. According to residents, the water had a strange odor and look. However, the authorities insisted that the water was safe to drink and use. Allegations of contradictions with the events that have started to occur since 2014.

The decline in fertility at Flint was primarily due to an increase in fetal mortality. Between November 2013 and March 2015, there would be about 198-276 spontaneous abortions more than in previous years. According to the authors of the study, they would all be connected to the use of Flint River water. In addition, the number of children with high levels of lead in the blood increased.

In October 2015, the city came back to get in the waters of Lake Huron. However, the consequences continue today. Lead in the blood caused cognitive deficits, anti-social behaviors, brain problems, liver and kidneys. It has had devastating consequences on fertility rates, which have remained very low until the end of 2015.

Grossman and Slusky have compared Flint's birth rates to those of other cities affected by lead poisoning. Equal economic socio-economic conditions have shown a general decline in fertility rate. According to the authors of the study, poisoned water would have increased 58% of fetal deaths