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Civil disability for BRCA mutation carriers

The INPS, the association aBRCAdaBRA and the Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology have reached a fundamental agreement for hundreds of people. Women with the BRCA gene can resort to preventative surgery, even if they are still healthy. From now on, they will be entitled to a percentage of civil disability.

In Italy there are 75-150 thousand people with BRCA mutations. This increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer even under 30 years. To avoid it, you can do three things:

  • close periodic visits;
  • preventive chemo;
  • preventive mastoplasty.

For most women, specialist visits are more than enough. For high-risk subjects, on the other hand, partial or total removal of the breast is the only solution. The operation involves a permanent impairment, with a strong functional and psychological discomfort.

This is why the associations have asked for disability for women who face the operation, even if they are not cancer patients. It will be a percentage proportional to the severity of the disorder and equal to a "non-serious handicap". Thanks to the agreement, BRCA mutations will be protected even if cancer is not in place. This is the sign of a new awareness of genetic risk and the importance of prevention. Above all, he recognizes the impact of such a discovery on a woman's life, forced to revolutionize her body to protect herself.