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52 centers united to develop precision oncology

Fifty-two Italian research centers joined together to develop new genetic tests against cancer. The goal is to compare standard therapies and target therapy driven by genomic proliferation. If the latter were more effective, the doors of a new precision oncology would open. New genetic tests help identify the molecular characteristics of a tumor.

Doctors can profile the tumor's DNA and, thanks to artificial intelligence, develop a therapy. In this way, each patient can have a tailor-made treatment based on their specificity and needs. A further step towards precision medicine, which however requires further studies before it can become mass. Researchers from 52 research centers are evaluating the effectiveness of this type of approach.

The study is already in phase II and will involve 1200 patients suffering from lung, breast and gastrointestinal cancer. Furthermore, it will assess the efficacy of target therapy on rare tumors, against which standard treatments are ineffective. This will last for 18-24 months. To carry out the study, doctors will use genomic proliferation tests. In this way they will be able to identify the cardiac mutation of the tumor and behave accordingly.

The therapies will therefore focus not only on the location of the tumor, but above all on its genetic code. For this purpose it will be necessary to have oncologists and medical geneticists, but also bioinformatics, molecular biologists and surgeons.