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Genetic tests require multidisciplinary doctors

As genetic tests become more popular, the traditional approach to medicine is becoming less and less efficient. There is a growing need for multidisciplinary clinical programs that combine different types of skills. It's when the American Heart Association reports, especially about heart and brain diseases. Cardiovascular genetics has made great strides forward, making us discover the genetic causes of many diseases.

Today's major challenges are to understand these causes and create new personalized therapies. Furthermore, there is a lack of experts able to read genetic tests and give advice also to the families of sick people. According to the authors of the article, a specialized program would be needed that includes cardiologists, geneticists, consultants and chemical coordinators. In this way, those who rely on genetic testing would have an extra grip. At the moment, instead, programs focused on the relationship between genetics and cardiovascular treatments are scarce.

In addition, many of these are focused on a specific disease. One of the authors, Professor Kiran Musunuru, pushes for a genetic program that integrates clinical findings obtained with traditional techniques and those that come from genetics. This would improve diagnosis and treatment, helping patients' families as well. For the latter, programs that monitor the presence of any early symptoms of the disease would be useful.