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Excess weight may affect sperm production

An Indian study showed that excess fat reduces sperm quality. The more the fat mass increases, the more the sperm decreases. To reverse the process and increase the chances of conceiving, just lose weight.

The research involved 1,200 men. The researchers analyzed the quality of their sperm by comparing them with weight. It has thus emerged that overweight men produce less sperm with a lower concentration of sperm. Weight also affects sperm motility, which is compromised by excess fat. In the most extreme situations, quality goes so far as to make the conception difficult, if not impossible.

The link between female weight and the ability to conceive was already known. Now it is also known that male obesity has its share in a possible infertility of couple. Discovery could explain why male fertility is declining in western countries, along with an increase in the youth obesity rate.

The message from the study is clear: too fat foods, alcohol, sedentary mine to the possibility of having children. On the other hand, the problem can be resolved in relatively short time, gaining more healthy habits. Just return to the weight form to increase the amount of sperm and their motility.