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The first eco-sustainable pregnancy test

A company could revolutionize the world of pregnancy tests. In fact, Lia is coming, the eco-sustainable test that can be folded and thrown into the toilet.

Pregnancy tests developed over the past 30 years have become increasingly technological. Some of these even mark the weeks of gestation and the false positives are very few. Nevertheless, they all have a problem: where to throw them once you've seen the result? The answer comes from a start-up, which has developed the first eco-sustainable pregnancy test.

Like other home pregnancy tests, Lia also reacts to hormones in the urine. If the test is positive, two lines appear; if the test is negative, only one is shown. The difference is that Lia is composed of the same vegetable fibers used for normal toilet paper. This means that you can throw it in the toilet, as it is completely biodegradable.

The new eco-sustainable pregnancy test is precise just like the traditional, much more polluting ones. It has a reliability that is around 99% and, in addition, it helps to leave a better world to the new life on the way.