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More omega 3 in pregnancy, less allergies for the child

Taking omega 3 fats from the 20th week of gestation until the 4th month of breastfeeding reduces the risk of allergies in the child. This is what an analysis of the Imperial College of London reveals.

The British researchers analyzed over 400 studies, analyzing the data of about 1.5 million people. They focused on the 15,000 women who took omega 3 in pregnancy and on their children. According to the study, omega 3 intake reduced the risk of egg allergy in children by 30%.

The study has denied a common belief. According to many, we should avoid potentially allergenic foods to reduce the risk of allergies in the child. Analysis data have revealed that this idea is groundless. Instead, supplements based on probiotics and omega 3 seem to have positively influenced the health of children. The second part of the study focused on the link between probiotics and allergies.

The researchers also analyzed data from over 6,000 pregnant women who had taken probiotics. The supplements were given from the 36th week of gestation until the 6th month of breastfeeding. For the children of these women, the risk of developing atopic dermatitis would have been 22% less.

The study could influence the guidelines regarding nutrition during pregnancy. The problem of food allergies is in fact very much felt in the United Kingdom, especially for the youngest. It is estimated that allergies affect about 1 in 20 children. They are caused by abnormalities in the immune system and part of the causes are still unknown.