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How endometriosis affects in vitro fertilization

For those suffering from endometriosis, natural conception can be very difficult. On the other hand, in vitro fertilization can be a valid help and increase the chances of becoming a mother. But we must take into account some important factors, so as not to aggravate the conditions of the aspiring mother.

According to Dr. Mark Surrey, introducing hormones into the body can affect the course of the disease. Hormone therapies for IVF, in fact, tend to increase estrogen levels. If carried out for a long time, the therapies can make endometriosis worse and damage health and fertility.

It must be the doctor's care to make sure that any change in the body is not worse. So, before beginning ovarian stimulation, it is necessary to act on endometriosis. This increases the chances of conceiving and safeguarding the health of women.

Several studies have proven the usefulness of performing a laparoscopy before in vitro fertilization. The operation involves removing the excess endometrium, eliminating the cysts that hinder conception. Once the necessary recovery time has elapsed, the organism is ready for in vitro fertilization cycles.

In case it is not possible to perform laparoscopy, we need to act on the modalities of ovarian stimulation. Ganirelix or Cetrotide prevents premature ovulation and leaves the follicles time to develop. Dr. Tomer Singer also recommends constant monitoring of endometrial conditions. In case of need, it acts on estrogen levels in order to reduce pain and preserve the quality of the oocytes.