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More conceptions with a device as big as a coin

A device as big as a coin could make it easier to conceive. The invention comes from the University of Southampton and is aimed at couples with fertility problems. The tiny implant serves to collect data on pH and temperature of the uterus. In this way, it is easier to diagnose infertility problems and find the best time to conceive.

3.5 million people in the UK have problems conceiving. Infertility can affect both men and women and has many causes. In about 1 in 4 cases, however, doctors are unable to identify them and they talk about "unexplained infertility". How to deal with such cases? Professor Ying Cheong and his team responded by creating the new device in question.

The study behind the creation of the device aims to identify the best environment for embryonic development. Researchers are investigating the ideal levels in the uterus and the implant will be used to measure them.

The new device should be implanted as a contraceptive spiral and should remain stable for a week. In this time frame, send data to a microchip attached to a special set of underwear. After seven days, the doctors remove the device and analyze the data. Thanks to the information gathered from within, it is easier to identify infertility problems and find a solution.

The implant could be an alternative for couples who can not afford in vitro fertilization. The next step will therefore be a test on 30 women who are trying to conceive. The objective will be to verify the safety, efficacy and comfort of the device.