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At least one year should pass between one pregnancy and another

New mothers should wait at least a year before a new pregnancy. This is revealed by a study led by Dr. Wendy Norman. The guidelines of the World Health Organization recommend an expectation of even 24 months. According to the team of scientists, however, it would not be necessary to wait long; great news for the most adult mothers.

Staying pregnant immediately after pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, low birth weight, maternal mortality. This is why it would be better to wait a little while before trying conception again. The ideal waiting time would be 12-18 months, at least according to the team of Dr. Norman. This time frame would be good for both younger and younger mothers, who may have had their first child after age 35.

If conceived 6 months after the first child, the new mothers after the age of 35 have a 1.2% risk of mortality. Waiting for 18 months, the risk drops to 0.5%. In the case of younger women, on the other hand, there is an 8.5% risk of premature birth if they become pregnant at 6 months after the first pregnancy. The risk drops to 3.7% waiting.

The study gives clear indications on the waiting time between gestation and the other, especially useful nowadays. In fact, it is frequent that older women prefer to shorten the time between pregnancies. In the case of younger women, however, very close pregnancies are often the result of poor contraception.

To reduce the risks for mothers and children, doctors recommend using adequate contraception after delivery.