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Take omega 3 during pregnancy and reduce the risks of being overweight

Taking omega 3 supplements during pregnancy reduces the risks of being overweight for the child. According to a study by Dr. Susan Carlson of the University of Kansas, prenatal acid exposure reduces blood pressure. Overweight children whose mothers took omega 3 during gestation have in fact the same levels as normal-weight children.

This obviously does not cancel all the negative consequences related to the condition. A high body mass index (BMI) is linked to a large number of cardiovascular diseases, especially in adulthood. Even obese children can have problems like high blood pressure. Not all, though: those whose mothers have taken large amounts of omega 3 are healthier.

Although suffering from other physical and psychological problems related to being overweight, they have a diastolic and systolic pressure in the average. Dr. Carlson's team followed groups of children exposed to omega 3. Part of the mothers took it during pregnancy, part during breastfeeding or added it to powdered milk. The data showed that intrauterine exposure is the most effective. It may be that it acts on the very mechanisms that bind weight and blood pressure, but it will be necessary to deepen the theme. However, even intake during breastfeeding has its merits.

There is another study that analyzed the effects of omega 3 on blood pressure. This time, the children took the supplements for the first 4 months of life. At 6, they had lower blood pressure.