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Fewer herbs in pregnancy: they hurt mom and baby

Many future mothers suffer the charm of "natural" products, perceived as safer. Unfortunately, this is not always the case: some herbs can be harmful both for the mother and the child. Some "natural" products are linked to complications, including preterm parts. Before taking them, it would therefore be good to consult your gynecologist.

Dr. James McLay's team analyzed data from 74 studies devoted to the topic. Several of these studies are small or partial, but highlight how little we know about the subject. Although it cannot be taken for granted that natural herbs and supplements always do "badly", it is good to pay attention.

Taking certain products lightly, in the belief that they are 100% safe, can have serious consequences. Depending on the country, between 10% and 75% of pregnant women take herbs during pregnancy. They are mainly products against nausea, natural supplements and oils. Data from the 74 studies include the effects of 47 herbal products; 29 of these are based on clinical trials.

The results are not encouraging. Among the accused is liquorice, present in many digestive and relaxing herbal teas. Used in excessive amounts, it raises the pressure and increases the risk of premature birth. Raspberry leaves are a natural remedy for inducing and shortening labor. Nevertheless, it appears that the risk of having to have a caesarean section increases by 3.5 times.

To get a really clear idea of ​​the effects of certain herbs during pregnancy, larger and more in-depth studies would be needed. However, the authors are keen to send a message: before taking certain substances in large quantities, it is always good to consult your doctor.