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Seafood in pregnancy makes children more attentive

A team from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) studied the link between seafood and level of attention. From what has emerged, eating lots of seafood in the first months of gestation could increase the level of attention of children.

The researchers studied 1,641 couples of mothers and children. The mothers filled out numerous questionnaires during gestation, answering over a hundred questions related to nutrition. Among these, there were several concerning fish and seafood. Once the children were born, they also answered questions about feeding their children at 1, 5 and 8 years of age. Finally, the scientists assessed the level of attention of children at 8 years. The data shows a correlation between seafood consumption and attention span.

The most significant effects appear to be connected to consumption in the first quarter of gestation. Eating them later in gestation would have less effects, as well as making them eat the child in his first five years of life. Furthermore, it would be good to vary and not just focus on fat-rich fish. The merit of these benefits would be found in the formation processes of neurons. In fact, seafood contains a series of substances essential for development, including the famous omega-3. Consuming seafood in large quantities would therefore provide a surplus of these substances, stimulating fetal brain development.