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67 years old woman lent uterus to her daughter

Anastassia Ontuoi, 67, became the oldest surrogate mother in the world. He has indeed lent the uterus to her daughter, who had conceded seven spontaneous abortions and that doctors had said they would never be able to conceive. The baby was born six weeks premature and by caesarean section. Although she weighed just 1.2 kg was fine.

Constatina was 43 years old and had a long and painful list of miscarriages. After yet another attempt failed, the mother had proposed to be her surrogate mother. A crazy proposal is the second woman is according to doctors. Dr. Constantinos Pantos has however supported the decision, and the two women followed throughout the process.

The choice of the woman was risky for her and the baby. The higher the age of the mother, in fact, more are the chances of running into conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. also increase the risk of miscarriage and complications during childbirth. Nevertheless, Anastassia Ontuoi went on their separate ways.
According to international registries, Ms. Ontuoi is now the oldest woman to have done as surrogate mother. Before her there was Carmen Bousada Lara, who had given birth to twins in the early 2000 and died of cancer in 2009.