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An unexpected connection between techno music and in vitro fertilization

Researchers at Altravita clinic in Moscow have discovered the positive effects of techno music on in vitro fertilization. According to the study, prolonged listening to this kind of music would increase the chances of success of the procedure. Obviously, these benefits would not be the result of the intrinsic quality of the musical genre. The credit would be of vibrations from the bass tone and repetitive, typical precisely of techno music. If the discovery is confirmed, it would have a significant change in the playlist of fertility clinics and hospitals.

The team led by Alex Biryukov noted 700 egg cells throughout their course, before, during and after fertilization. Scholars have divided the cells into two groups and have left them in a room for 24 hours. In the first room they did playing techno music pieces, while the second remained without music. They then fertilized ova and have them implanted in the uterus.

The implant in utero phase is the most delicate in the complex of in vitro fertilization. It represents one of the chief barriers to the success of the procedure. According to the study, the eggs exposed to the techno music would best taken root and in greater numbers.

The vibrations would facilitate fertilization, recreating conditions similar to those occurring in the womb after conception. The music would act as a sort of massage for ova, facilitating the movement of nutrients and stimulating the expulsion of harmful substances.