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Baby's sex may affect mother's immunity

It will be male or female? According to a study by the University of Ohio State, the response would affect the health of the expectant mother. In fact it highlights how the female body reacts to bacterial attacks differently depending on the sex of the child.

The researchers followed 80 pregnant women, by measuring the levels of immune cells. The analyzes showed identical levels both in cases of female fetus and in those of the male fetus. They then took a sample of immune cells and exposed them to the bacteria. Depending on the sex of the child, they have reacted to the attack differently.

The immune cells of pregnant women to a female have more inflammatory cytokines produced. The phenomenon is related to a more violent inflammatory reaction when compared to that of pregnant women to a male. This could result in excessive stress to the body and increase the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. It could also exacerbate the reactions to some drug treatments. The discovery, however, needs further study. When a woman is pregnant she should also take care of the baby's future health. For this reason a balanced diet and regular physical activity can make a difference. Doctors recommend to undergo regular medical examinations: prenatal screening tests such as fetal DNA tests are useful to monitor the baby's health.