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HPV vaccination in males: why?

A study led by Professor Carlo Foresta and Dr. Andrea Garolla revealed that the Papilloma Virus causes male infertility. Researchers have identified the virus in the semen of patients with infertility problems. According to the study, the Papilloma binds to sperm, making fertilization more difficult. The problem persists even in the case of in vitro fertilization. For this reason, scholars argue the importance of the vaccine against the papilloma virus also for males.

The Paduan researchers evaluated 115 couples with infertility problems. In all these cases, there were no obvious problems to hinder conception, but the man showed signs of papilloma virus in semen. Of the 115 couples, 54 have tried to conceive naturally for 12 months. 14.8% of them got pregnant successfully. In all these cases the partner had cleared the infection spontaneously. In 37.5% of cases, however, conception has ended in miscarriage.

In 61 pairs partner was subjected to vaccination for the Human Papilloma before pregnancy research. In this way the infected partner has cleared the virus before you even start with the new attempts at conception. Among these couples 37.7% it conceived within a year, with 4.3% of spontaneous abortions. Almost all pregnancies are therefore arrive at the end, as opposed to unvaccinated pairs. The key seems to be the presence or absence of the virus, which would hinder both the conception both embryo development.

The authors of the study suggest that the antibody response induced by the vaccine accelerates the elimination of infection. At 6 months after vaccination, 92% of men with Papilloma Virus infection were negative with the new test. Among untreated patients, only 30% after 6 months had cleared the infection. The use of the vaccine is therefore essential both in the case of natural conception, both couples using in vitro fertilization. For safety, it would also be a good idea to perform a variety of prenatal screening test, to ensure the health of the fetus.