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What you should know about running while pregnant

Experts encourage mothers to do at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise a day. Physical activity reduces the risk of gestational diabetes, preterm delivery, preeclampsia and other disorders. It also has a positive effect on brain development and reduces anxiety in women. Nevertheless, many pregnant question the practical security and encounter obstacles of a practical nature. So what you have to do to run in pregnancy safely?

In the first place, it is essential to perform periodic prenatal screening paths. It is indeed important to identify any risk of detachment of the placenta or other issues like that. In these cases, your doctor may advise against the exercise to safeguard the safety of the child. If pregnancy is safe, however, there is no contraindication. It is only important to take note of some possible difficulties.

For those who did not run before the start of pregnancy, it may have a difficult time to start. The body is changing, the center of gravity changes and you get tired first. Experts therefore recommend starting with a cardio workout more bland, so as to increase the resistance and get used to the exercise. Who ran before pregnancy, however, it may keep its wheels without fear.

The longtime runner may notice a premature fatigue and greater ease in sweat. Just that you keep hydrated, and wear breathable clothing. When it's very hot or very humid, it is also better they run on a carpet in ventilated areas. An excessive rise in body temperature in the first quarter, in fact, could create problems to the fetus.

The pregnancy makes slower. It is something that could be annoying to those who run for so long, but it is inevitable. It is important that the expectant mother will not efforts to maintain its old days. You stop to catch your breath if necessary, slow down when you do not take it anymore and go to pee every time you feel the urge. This last point requires extra moisturization, so you better bring more liquids than usual with him.
After giving birth, the new mother must not be in a hurry to resume to exercise: it could take weeks before you can start over. It is important to follow the doctor's directions, which will give the right advice based on the specific case.