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Risks of excess weight gain in pregnancy

Grease in pregnancy is normal and healthy, within certain limits. A mother's body mass index is too high in fact harmful to the woman and child. The University of Michigan study also reveals a link between weight before conception, gain in pregnancy and obesity later. The trend was particularly common among younger moms.

The researchers analyzed data from more than 1,000 women who became mothers between 15 and 24 years. They took into account in particular the body mass index before conception and the weight gained during pregnancy. They then interviewed the women about access to health care and local welfare services. They asked them if they would help in the growth of children and if they were victims of domestic violence.

According to Dr. Tammy Chang, who led the study, it is essential that young mothers understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Check your weight has an impact both on the woman's life than on that of the child. Pregnancy is an opportunity to hire a balanced lifestyle, characterized by healthy and exercise power. Not all, however, the future include mothers, especially the younger ones. They often face problems that adult women do not have, making them more vulnerable. In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle and follow a balanced diet is good undergo during pregnancy to prenatal screening tests such as fetal DNA test.