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Can herpes be transmitted from the mother to the child?

Pregnant women with a severe case of herpes behind transmit their antibodies to the baby. The body keeps virus protection active and transfers it to the nervous system of the fetus. This protects him against similar infections, which could have serious consequences on brain development.

The discovery comes from Dartmouth College's Geisel School of Medicine. The researchers analyzed both human samples and animal models. Analyzes have revealed that antibodies against Type 1 Herpes Virus (HSV-1) are transmitted from mother to child. This prevents the baby from getting infected during delivery. The effects also extend to the first few months of life, protecting the neonatal nervous system.

The children of pregnant mothers have 50% of the chance of infecting the baby. Herpes transmission occurs during the part has consequences that go far beyond the plagues on the skin. In fact, herpes also causes eye infections and encephalitis. Perinatal infection often leads to brain damage, even very serious, if not even death.

Laboratory experiments have detected antibodies against HSV-1 well after extinction of the infection. The antibodies present in the nerve cell lines can cross the placenta and settle into the fetal ones. In this way the newborn is protected against the herpes virus and the like.
Attempts to process a herpes vaccine for adults have for now failed. However, these same vaccines could prevent transmission from mother to child.

However, further tests will be required.

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