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Chronic hypertension in pregnancy

The researchers compared women who suffered from hypertension in pregnancy and women who did not suffer. It emerged that women in the first group are more likely to develop chronic hypertension disorders in the decade after childbirth. Disorders also expose them to cardiovascular disease.

The study analyzed gestational events between 1995 and 2012 lasting more than 20 weeks. It has emerged that women under the age of 30 with hypertension in gestation have 11% of the chance of becoming hypertensive. If you consider women around 40, the percentage reaches about 33%. Forty, with normal pregnancy pressure, have only 4-11% chance.

4.8% of the women examined (23,235) had hypertension problems during their first pregnancy. Of these, 16,611 developed chronic hypertension in later years. About five years after delivery, the hypertension rate was 10 times higher than the average. In the next 20 years, however, it was 1 time higher.
A second study instead analyzed the role of weight in the development of chronic hypertension problems. Overweight and obesity causes an increase in hypertensive disorders beyond pregnancy health conditions. If linked to hypertension during gestation, the risk of chronic hypertension increases.

According to the study, in normal cases the best approach is prevention. A specific diet lowers the risk of hypertension: less sodium, less potassium and physical activity have important beneficial effects. However, this approach has no impact on chronic hypertension caused by hypertension. The authors therefore advise on regular physical activity and increased attention to weight, thereby reducing the risk of hypertension during gestation.