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Assisted reproduction in women until 46 years of age

The provincial junta in Trento has announced changes in the levels of public assistance for assisted procreation. Women will have access to fertilization techniques up to 46 years old, against the previous 43. Changes to the essential levels of care come after changing national standards.

For the first time, Lea includes the PMA among the benefits provided by the health service. Here are the first criteria and limits on a national basis, which ensure a uniform service delivery. For now, the new Lea are not yet active, but the Province of Trento has aligned itself with the regulations. It then moved the 43- to 46-year-old assisted procreation limit as it will be short across the country.

Lea changes go beyond the age limit. Carriers of 6 disabling chronic diseases will be exempt from the ticket. The diseases are: chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy, chronic osteomyelitis, chronic kidney disease, dominant autosomal polycystic kidney, "moderate" and "severe" endometriosis, thalidomide syndrome. Exemption will also apply to organ donors.

In the case of 5 other pathologies, the exemption from the ticket will no longer be the one for rare illness, but that for chronic-disabling disease. The affected diseases are celiac disease, celiac dermatitis, Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, undifferentiated connective tissue.