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Pre-implantation diagnosis

The Milan Tribunal dismissed the appeal of the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan, following an order of 18 April 2017. According to the Tribunal, the pre-implant diagnosis must also be available for double fertile but carriers of genetic diseases. So aspiring parents have the right to check for any traces of the disease.

One couple had asked to check the presence of genetic diseases before embryo implantation. The clinic had refused the service, citing the first text of Law 40 as a motivation. According to the law, pre-implant diagnosis was only available for non-fertile couples. However, the Constitutional Court had ruled the lack of legitimacy of the norm.

The judge had given the pair a reason to order, as suffering from serious genetic disease. In such cases, while the individual is fertile, the DNA test serves to test the health of embryos. The couple has the right to obtain the pre-implant diagnosis, whether in public or private accommodation. The Tribunal confirmed what was said three months ago.

Pre-implant diagnosis is a solution for those who know they are carriers of hereditary disease. In these cases, using medically assisted procreation and testing embryo DNA allows to give birth to a healthy son. For those who are at risk of age-related chromosomal anomalies, there are non-invasive prenatal screening tests.