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Body’s response to IVF may depend on motivation

Yale's researchers compared the physical response of some women in IVF treatment. They asked the participants to report the reasons why they were undergoing hormone cycles. There is thus a correlation between the reasons for IVF and body response.

The researchers followed 50 women in preparation for in vitro fertilization and 62 egg donors. They asked them to describe the experience and the level of fatigue that he was doing. The pharmacological treatment was the same for all, yet donors have lived it less intense. This means that women's motives influence how it will react to the hormone cycle.

To make the analyzes more accurate, the researchers went beyond measuring only physical pain. Instead, they applied a special statistical method to take into account stress and cognitive deficits as well. They have thus proven that different emotions and expectations lead to different levels of physical fatigue.

A woman who is investing health and money in looking for a child will react differently to those who are giving their own eggs. Women who sell their gametes - legal practice in the United States - will in any case receive the desired reward. This is not said in the case of who is looking for a son. For the same reason, the analyzes revealed differences between those who were undergoing IVF cycle and those who were already in the second.