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Wales introduce a non-invasive prenatal testing

The Welsh government plans to introduce non-invasive prenatal screening from 2018. The decision comes after a similar provision by the English Government. Minister of Public Health Rebecca Evans assures that all future mothers will receive the information they need.

For the time being, the prenatal screening test will be applicable to Down syndrome only. It will help locate any traces of chromosomal anomalies, but especially to reduce the risk of abortion. Traditional tests, in fact, are effective but also invasive. In the amniocentesis a needle is used to extract amniotic fluid, sometimes risky operation. Non-existent risk with non-invasive screening texts, which use a sample of maternal blood.

New tests will be offered to future Welsh mothers who are more likely to give birth to a sick child. If the non-invasive test is to be positive, only then it will be advisable for them to undergo amnesia. This will also reduce the risk of false positives, with further benefits for screening accuracy.

Julian Hallett, of the Down Syndrome Association in Wales, claims that health professionals will need to be formed. They will have to enable women to evaluate the test results so that they can make the best decision for them.

Source: bbc site