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Obesity during pregnancy increases risk of childhood obesity

Taking too much weight in the first trimester of pregnancy increases the risk of childhood obesity in the baby. The study led by Dr. Leanne M. Redman analyzed the effects of maternal weight on the baby's weight. He was not the first to do so, but it is so far the largest and most important one.

The researchers examined 16,218 Chinese puppets throughout pregnancy. They have thus discovered that gaining too much weight in the first 24 weeks has a strong impact on the baby. Even in cases where the mother has lost weight in the following weeks, the effects were still apparent. The children in the mothers in question had 2.5 times more chance of being born than the average.

Maternal obesity and overweight in pregnancy have often been linked to problems in fetal development. Children born from overweight mothers are older at birth and more at risk of childhood obesity. It is therefore important for gynecologists to give patients more attention to their pregnancy weight.
The first trimester of pregnancy has a strong impact on the baby's future. It is in this phase that any long-term risks to health develop. It is therefore important that those planning a pregnancy also pay attention to diet and fat levels.