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Pregnancy food: what the woman eats can affect her child for life

Too much meat is always bad. A study by Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, however, reveals the risks of pregnancy deficiency. According to research, it could predispose the child to alcohol and drug addictions.

The study involved 5109 women. The researchers compared the amount of meat consumed by mothers with the habits of teenage children. An inversely proportional relationship emerged between the two things. The children who eat less meat were more likely to use cannabis, cigarettes and alcohol.
The cause of the higher susceptibility to substance abuse could be the lack of B12 in pregnancy. Vitamin is in fact present especially in meat and animal products. Failure to consume meat often causes B12 deficiency, which may have consequences on the fetus. One way to reduce the risk is to take proper vitamin supplements, always following the advice of your doctor.

Research is especially important for women who follow a vegetarian diet, if not even vegan. It is crucial to evaluate the impact that this choice may have on the development of the fetus. In order to avoid future complications, it is advisable to consult your doctor.