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Fertility treatments could lead to heart disease

In recent years, it is increasing the rate of couples using fertility therapies. Researchers around the world are trying to figure out whether these treatments are causing cardiovascular complications. Studies made so far have given contradictory answers to the question.

Fertility treatments involve the use of high doses of hormones. It is therefore important to assess their impact on health, especially on the long run. This is also in the light of the ever-advanced age of those who require such therapies.

Two Canadian doctors - Dr. Dayan and Dr. Udell - studied the relationship between cardiovascular disease and fertility treatments. According to the two, repeated ovarian hyperstimulation cycles increase the risk of thrombosis and affect the mechanisms regulating blood pressure. In addition, the same stress associated with the practice facilitates the onset of cardiovascular disorders.

The Canadian study analyzed data from six other studies. The data concerned 41,910 women with a history of infertility behind and 1,400,202 women without such problems. The researchers analyzed the incidence of cardiac events in the two groups. They noted that women in the first group had a higher rate of stroke and cardiovascular problems.

The results are not final and further comments will be needed, but they raise a problem. According to Dr. Park, there would be no cause and effect relationship between treatments and cardiovascular disease. Rather, the reasons that cause infertility could also facilitate the emergence of such problems.